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Saf Pro® Star-Zyme AST Bun & Flatbread + NMI

Product Nos. 26850

Anti-staling and anti-microbial solutions for extended freshness and shelf life for breads, buns, rolls, pita, and flatbread.

  • Clean Label
  • Halal
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO

A price that suits everyone

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Best of Both

Get two for one with both anti-staling and antimicrobial solutions that allow softness to last.

Stop Growth

Inhibit the growth of mold on a wide range of fresh and refrigerated baked goods.

Lasting Freshness

From par-baked to straight dough, this ESL improver works with a wide range of processes.

Better is Balanced

Achieve the ideal balance between good-tasting and long-lasting that is either turnkey or tailored to your specific needs.


  • Bagels
  • Pretzels
  • Croissants & Pastry
  • Rolls & Buns
  • Pizza
  • Sweet Bread
  • Flatbreads
  • Specialty
  • Hispanic Products

Add directly to the flour at 1.0-1.5% of total flour weight.

  • 50 lb (22.7 kg) bags
  • 40 bags/pallet

  • Shelf life is 12 months if unopened and kept below 80 °F for optimum performance
  • Shelf life is 3 months if opened
  • Store in cool, dry conditions in original packaging or in a clean, covered container
  • Do not leave opened packs exposed

Keep it in the fridge or on the shelf for longer with SafPro®

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