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Lesaffre Services for Artisan & Panaderia

Corner bakeries and storefronts have highly unique needs. Efficiency and cost savings are just as important as quality results – and Lesaffre solves for it all.

Partnership That Scales

Free Expert Consultation

When artisan bakeries and panaderías need to improve product and processes, reduce waste through enhanced shelf life, or level up their production line, we discuss solutions and formulate a plan together.

Operational Support

From new product opportunities and industry news to tailored marketing support, Lesaffre goes beyond provider to keep our partners operations running smooth. We also have a developed referral network for bakeries and start-ups seeking distributor representation.

Free Samples

Every dollar counts, especially for smaller businesses. Lesaffre provides free samples to all of our customers so you can always try before you buy. When you’re ready to purchase, we also offer smaller minimum order sizes so your ingredients don’t go to waste.

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