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Lesaffre Services for Bakery Distributors

Our distributors have come to rely on us as a full-service partner for both them and their bakery customers.

Partners from the Start

Free Expert Consultation

Lesaffre consults with bakery distributors on a wide range of topics, from private label products to cost-efficient ordering for portfolio expansion. We can also work directly with your customers to ensure they’re receiving the best solutions to their individual business and product needs.

Operational Support

From new product opportunities and industry news to tailored marketing support, Lesaffre goes beyond provider to keep our partners’ operations running smooth. We also have a developed referral network for bakeries and start-ups seeking distributor representation.

Free Samples

Once we have figured out exactly what baking products you or your customers need, we send you free samples for your own testing or for use within our Baking Center™ facilities. This practice helps our partners fully replicate results without any additional cost to you.

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