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Lesaffre Services for
In-Store Bakeries

From on-site baking to pull-through sales, Lesaffre can help in-store retail bakeries stock shelves with the best in baked goods.

Partners That Keep Pace

Free Expert Consultation

Do you need a highly specific solution to a formula issue? Are you looking for improved shelf life for a particular item? Specialized or general, Lesaffre consultations are all about finding – or creating – the right solution. And we’ll come to you, prepared with our industry knowledge and expertise, at no cost.

Shelf and Sales Support

Making great baked products and selling great baked products – we help with both. Our expert technical team and R&D staff perfect things like flavor, appearance, and taste, while our sales and marketing teams can help provide the materials to get your customers excited for every bite.

Free Samples

Slim margins and high competition mean merchandisers, baking directors, and purchasers have to watch every dollar. Trying out new formulas or applications can’t take all the budget. That’s exactly why Lesaffre provides free samples to test and determine viability before making a major commitment.

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