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Lesaffre Services for Foodservice

We support foodservice end users with the best ingredients, in a wide range of industries from restaurants to hotels to schools.

Upgrade to a Partnership

Free Expert Consultation

Our initial consultation approach is simple: whatever dough issues, thoughts, or ideas you have baking, we will find a solution. We’ll discover your needs through in-depth discussion or on-site visits to determine what products and opportunities Lesaffre can offer – such as 3-in-1 ingredients or enhanced taste and flavor.

Continued Support

Ideation sessions for creative formulation opportunities. Access to continued email and phone consultations: all completely free. Partnering with us doesn’t stop at purchase; it continues to meet your everyday needs.

Free Samples

How do you know something will work if you haven’t tried it first? We agree. When you choose Lesaffre for your dough ingredient needs, we will send you free samples to test new and enhanced formulations, at no additional cost to you.

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