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Lesaffre Services for Industrial Bakeries

Lesaffre understands the unique needs and challenges for industrial bakeries with complex manufacturing systems and high demands from retailers and foodservice operators across the country.

The Perks of Partnership

Free Expert Consultation

Lesaffre tailors solutions to meet individual industrial bakers’ needs, which we discover through analyzing your current system and the issues at play. We work with you to determine things like formula problems, improvement potential, and even changes for equipment updates.

Free Samples

When we’ve determined what solutions will work best, we then send you completely free samples so you can do all the testing you need on your own line. We do this so you can fully replicate results found in our tests – without any additional cost to you.

Technical Support

During consultation, you have the option to meet with our technical team to help with troubleshooting formulation concerns. Our team will complete performance tests and pricing comparisons for different Lesaffre solutions to ensure you are getting exactly what you need at the best price.

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