Accent Baked Goods with Calcium Fortification

Imagine a dairy-free muffin that contains the same level of calcium as an 8-ounce glass of milk. Or a single serving of bread that delivers the same. With our patented Accent fortification capabilities, we’ve delivered the same level of calcium as a glass of milk in a 6″ sandwich roll and have obtained good and excellent levels of calcium in flatbreads, tortillas, muffins, and loaf bread.

Our patented Accent fortification technology is an ideal way to add value and differentiate baked goods. With Accent, formulators can add calcium to baked goods, from breads to pancake mixes, muffins, and beyond with little to no impact on the eating experience.

In addition to delivering a delightful sensory experience with added nutritional claims, calcium-fortified baked goods answer the needs of dairy-free consumers, parents seeking to fortify their families’ diets with bone-building calcium, and those seeking to maintain bone density as they age.

Delavau Bakery Partners by SafPro® conducted a consumer survey (1,045 respondents) focused on attitudes about fortified foods. Topline findings include:

  • 80%make a conscious choice to incorporate vitamins or minerals in their diets
  • Over 80% expressed interestin purchasing and learning more about fortified foods
  • 29% would choose a whole grain bread fortified with calcium over any other option for a sandwich roll

These findings suggest that consumer interest in fortified foods is strong, and room remains in the market for new applications.

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