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Fleurage™ Semolina Topping

Product Nos. 24400, 24410

Enhance the flavor, aroma, and appearance of baked goods with vegan-friendly, clean label Fleurage™ Semolina topping.

  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Clean Label
  • Vegan

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Premium Quality

Developed with a patented process to create a unique umami and heightened sensory experience.

Vegan Friendly

Add a burst of cheese flavor without using dairy ingredients to maintain vegan and clean label designations.

Easy Functionality

Apply with the same production line system as topping dispensers or sprinkle by hand onto formed dough before baking.

Crispy Crusts

Maintains a crispy crust in frozen, microwavable, and bagged-and-delivered pizzas.

  • Bagels
  • Crackers
  • Croissants & Pastry
  • Crusty Bread
  • Hispanic Products
  • Multigrain Bread
  • Pan Bread
  • Pizza
  • Pretzels
  • Quickbread, Cookies, Cake
  • Rolls & Buns
  • Sweet Bread
  • Sourdough
  • Specialty
  • Tortilla & Flatbread
  • Whole Wheat

Semolina Topping is durum wheat semolina infused with fermentation-based coatings to impart cheesy, umami characteristics and mild, salty notes. Apply directly by hand or with production line systems that apply polenta topping.

Product code 24400:

  • 14 lb pail
  • 60 pails/pallet

Product code 24410:

  • 50 lb box
  • 27 boxes/pallet

  • Shelf life of unopened packages is 2 years from production date
  • Shelf life of opened packages is 3 months

Keep pizza crusts crunchy and enhance the flavor of baked goods with clean label confidence.

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